SecurEdge meets the demands of large enterprise customer

With support from Ingram Micro, SecurEdge was able to scale its manpower to take on a large enterprise customer that would have otherwise been out of reach.

Challenge: Scaling staffing and resources to deliver on a large project

SecurEdge came across an opportunity to digitally transform a large retail chain and relied on Ingram Micro to scale up manpower and engineering resources. SecurEdge was able to deploy Ingram Micro’s field team, and then leverage the data they collected to deliver a digital transformation plan.

Solution: Ingram Micro manpower and services

With Ingram Micro’s support, SecurEdge was able to conduct 150 site surveys in 42 days. This enabled SecurEdge to deliver an updated wireless network capacity to the retailer, and become the go-to technology partner for the store—securing an additional 80 sites.